Hello Everybody, my name is Squittia (Se qui’ ta) Brown, and I’m the Founder,and CEO, of this new please allow to introduce my samples of the different styles of writing I can do for you! I have samples styles of essays, I’ve written. I have marketing samples, short stories samples, documents


This is the name and logo of my baby. Grassroots publication. Writing of all categories. Podcast, “BlaqqueSuga’s Lounge”. And a Blog

I’m the Founder and CEO of this black owned business. I write in so many different styles. Creative, Copy-writing, Emails, Web, B2B, Scripts, Newsletters,and so much more. I’m writing my first novel.

Please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a California native, and have three children/grown-ups, and I’m a grandmother of three. I look back on my life now and I see the blessings of writing, and how fundamental writing is to me still.

This is from my poem collection, please allow me to write a beautiful poem, or even the inside of a personally made card for the one you love.
My Podcast,and Blog is “BlaqqueSuga’s Lounge”!! I will have topics from a black perspective. Urban topics because we do matter, in every way!!!

I don’t believe in happen-stance, I believe everything happens for a reason. And the reason for this venture for me is because I love to write. Writing is to me is like an old friend, always has the right words to say, and very comforting. I love to sit and cuddle with a warm blanket and write, or read. It’s good meditation as well. A positive release. I want to share my love for words with you. Please, if you are interested in my styles of writing, and are seeking someone new, I’m for you. I have samples on a Facebook Business page, Instagram, and my podcast is on Podbean BlaqqueSuga’s Lounge. Please contact me 7-days a week blaqquesugae@gmail.com. Let’s create something we can write about.

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